best 30 gallon air compressor

30 Gallon Air Compressor

Who should buy 30 gallon air compressor?

The mindset towards device overtime has always been a function of purpose, usability, and accessibility. The question of where to use, how to use, and the best time to use are all embedded in the technical know-how of the user. This knowledge in this context becomes applicable to the varieties of a 30-gallon air compressor available to any individual willing to purchase it for various reasons. The gallon of air filled in a compressor helps signify the difference between the intended one to buy and the available ones for specific uses. Having this in mind, therefore, would inform the purpose to which it is to be used. The purpose of using a 30-gallon air compressor comes in a handy. It ranges from the simple household tasks to a much complex usage such as the lifting of heavy products, separation of pieces of equipment, spray paintings and lots of others.

Irrespective of the reason to which a 30-gallon air compressor is purchased for, handling of this device and a knowledge of how it works is germane. This knowledge would tend to be a prerequisite for the users choice (the model of the compressor specifically, and the budgeted cost). Thus, considering these determining factors, certain things must be adhered to before going for an air compressor. These things include but not limited to:

The purpose of purchasing the air compressor

The purpose is a very essential determinant when considering a 30-gallon air compressor. As noted earlier, there are varieties of air compressors which comes with the choice for users. The earlier a promising user tailors out the purpose to which the compressor will serve, the better the chances of serving that basic purpose effectively.  

The capacity of an air compressor is one basic feature to watch out for when considering it for any purpose. This, for example, is evident in a cylinder which requires high-pressure clean air. In this scenario, the capacity and size of an air compressor would facilitate the quality of high-pressure air supplied to such cylinder. This same mechanism of air supply is applicable to power pneumatics, tyres, and tanks.

Along with the usage stated above, an air compressor can also provide moderate pressure clean air for offices and schools.

Air compressor model

Two specifications of air compressor exist and must be considered. These are; the Single stage compressor and the two-stage compressor.

As the difference in name suggested, so does their functions.

In a single stage air compressor, the air in the tank is sucked in its cylinder. This brings by compression of some sort which is released and serves as a form of energy and is evident in some lesser horsepower compressors like the 120 PSI compressors.

The process of formation of air into energy is the same in the two-stage compressor. The only difference here is that the air does not go to the tank directly, rather it goes to one smaller piston again for another stroke. This time, the air released after passing through two pistons get more pressure. It is then delivered back to the tank where it serves as energy. This is applicable to 175 PSI horsepower compressors.

Noise generated when operated

The noise generated by a 30-gallon air compressor depends on the brand and the work done with it. The more complex the operation it is being used for, the more noise it generates. This is likely to influence the horsepower of an air compressor to be purchased. Suppose an air compressor in operation a maximum capacity of175 PSI, when it is within the minimum range of 150 PSI, the noise generated tends to be reduced compared to when it is increased above this threshold.


The amount of work performed by the engine of an air compressor is measured in horsepower. A 30-gallon air compressor has a maximum horsepower of 175 PSI and a minimum of 95 PSI.


Every buyer purchases goods with the mindset of using it for a long period of time provided it is well maintained. This is also applicable to any air compressor. The durability of an air compressor must be put in mind.  It is of great importance to check for the durability of the air compressor to be purchased. The durability of an air compressor entails easy usage, easy maintaining capabilities, and built with quality materials.

The durability of a 30-gallon air compressor depends on its type. There are basically two types of compressors. These are the;

  • Oil driven, and;
  • Oil-free compressors

Generally, the oil-free compressors are less durable than the oil based one. They are suitable for small home functions. The durability of an air compressor also depends on the purpose hence, before considering buying one, the compressor’s engine has to be checked for proper functioning. It is also advisable to go through the reviews on an air compressor to be purchased online.

If you are buying it online you should check the reviews first, and they should buy it.


To cap it all, the technical knowledge, usability, durability, is of essentiality when considering using a 30-gallon compressor. And to avoid challenges after purchase, it is advisable to follow proper guidelines and reviews from people who have used his product.