30 gallon air compressor ingersoll rand

30 Gallon – Ingersoll Rand SS3F2 Review

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This is one of the most versatile compressors which has been specifically designed for the people who are in to do it yourself and the professionals. You can use it both in the job site, shop or at home. It will be delivering the maximum capacity of air. and are often used for powering grinders, nailers, drills, sanders, paint sprayers and many more tools. This Garage Mate is featuring the cast iron with the oil lubrication pump that will ensure you reliable and dependable performance.

Ingersoll Rand SS3F2 Review

Are you looking for the best air compressor in the market? If yes, then this is the perfect air compressor that you can opt for because it comes with a lot of functionalities and it has been designed in a way that all the DIYers and the professionals can easily use it.

Who is the product for?

Air compressors are very important because it can help you in several tasks. And when you are opting for this one it has been designed in a way that is primarily aiming at the advanced enthusiast of doing it yourself and the professional users as well. This unit has been specified to be proper for the guns, grinders, ratchets, drills, wrenches, paint guns and many more. tools This unit is very sturdy, and it has been made by using cast iron. Its approach is for heavy duty and robust along with the lubricated pump, and it will help in proper cooling with reliable performance.

Highlights Of The Product

  • This product has portable design, and it has the ergonomic handle for heavy duty along with the semi-pneumatic pair of tires to ensure easy handling. It is very vital both for the professionals and the DIYers.
  • With the noise level of 80 dBA, it is quite user-friendly. One can easily access the drain valve present on the side along with the switch controlling for automatically stopping and starting.
  • One can use it for the smooth applications because it will provide you with the receiver tank of 30-gallon air compressor along with the continuous duty of a hundred percent.
  • It also has the synthetic lubricant for all season, which will help in increasing the efficiency and will also provide you with the service of 2000 hours between the changeouts.
  • It will perform four times better and longer than any other lubricant that is petroleum based.
  • With the beautiful frame and cylinder made of cast iron, it will have the belt guard for protectively enclosing along with the motor protection of manual overload to get longevity.

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Long life
One cylinder for air pumping