the best air compressor for air tools
the best air compressor for air tools

Best air compressor for air tools

Best air compressor for air tools

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast renovating your home or a professional tradesperson working on construction projects, an air compressor is a suitable choice for you to horsepower your air tools. Air compressor tools are unique and are a useful accessory to own in one’s toolkits. With the best air compressor for air tools, you can finish your projects efficiently and quickly, unlike any other ordinary power tools that can take hours to complete.

And if you’re looking for the best air compressor for air tools to finish your projects, fret no more! This article will assist you in finding the best air compressor to power your air tools.

To get more information about each product, read below the detailed reviews, comparisons, and our top pick, so you make the most informed decision the next time you go buying compressed air tools for your upcoming projects.

Without further ado, let’s look at our top three best air compressor for air tools and their comparison chart.

These three tool brands are our top recommended picks, manufactured by renowned pneumatic compressor tool industries, highly rated and specially built to perform even the most challenging jobs at your construction worksite or some small renovations at your home. They are easy to use and store, reliable, and durable which can provide you with the required air power you need to run all kinds of air tools such as a drill, wrench, paint sprayers, grinder, riveters, staple or nail guns, etc.

1. MAKITA MAC2400 (Durable and Efficient)

Key features:

  • Improved compression (bigger bore and stroke)
  • Low RPM (50 per cent work time)
  • Low AMP
  • Relatively quiet at 79 Decibels

2. CAMPBELL HAUSFELD DC040500 (Faster operations)

Key features:

  • Reduced 50% sound level as compared to standard air compressors
  • Oil-less pump and higher motor operations
  • Quiet noise level (68 decibels)
  • Four times longer tool life

3. BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT (Editor’s choice)

Key features:

  • Faster, robust and high-performance motor
  • 3 in one tool – a brad nailer, a straight finish nailer, and a crown stapler
  • Relatively quiet sound level at only 78.5 decibels
  • Oil-free air compressor. Maintenance-hassle free

Detailed Reviews of our Top Three best recommended Air Compressor for air tools


MAKITA MAC2400 is an ideal choice if you are looking for air compressor tools for use in industrial building site including carpentries, floor buildings, or DIY home projects such as remodelling your home. It is specifically designed to perform and handle challenging tasks like decking and sheathing at your construction worksite.

High-performance motor and pump;

Makita MAC2400 features an engine and a pump that can function effectively for a long duration. This real workhorse air compressor powers on 2.5 HP brushless motor and has a capacity of 4.2-gallon volume and highest force output of 130 PSI to ensure optimal performance at your job site.

It delivers about 4.8 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 40 pounds per square inch (PSI) and 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI which enable all air tools used by woodworkers to perform efficiently thus making MakitaMAC2400 the best choice for professional carpenters.

It can support up to two to three framing and roofing nailers at the same time and thus can fire between 20-30 nailers before your appliance shuts down.

Makita MAC2400 big bore engineered pump includes an iron cylinder which enables your tool to take and compress a large amount of air in one stroke. This Big Bore engineered pump can provide you with an accelerated recovery pace and higher performance for any challenging worksite conditions. The oil-lubricated iron pump prevents the tool from heating up during operations thereby reducing any premature damage and extending the pump life.

Low-level RPM

MAKITA MAC240 rotates at as low as 1720 RPM (Rotation per minute) which allows the device to generate less heat thus avoiding the risk of overheating. The low-level RPM enables the tool to operate for a more extended period efficiently without any hassles.

Low AMPs

The MAKITA MAC240 has a low amperage draw, with only 12.3 amps which prevent the motor from any voltage cut that can lead to a premature motor breakdown.

Reduced sound levels

MAKITA MAC240 is moderately quiet during operation compared to other standard air tools. The machine runs at not more than 79 decibels of sound level.

  • Iron-built which guarantees durability
  • Excellent compression (efficient bore and stroke)
  • Low RPM
  • Low AMP
  • Relatively quiet
  • Automotive filter for improved air intake
  • Copper finned tubing for the discharge of heat
  • One year warranty (30 days satisfaction guarantee)
  • Quite large and bulky with 79 Pounds
  • Regular maintenance required (Oil-lubricated)
  • Weird design


The Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 is your best option if you are searching for an air compressor that is much lighter-weight, moderately quieter and which can provide a high-level motor performance. This air compressor is uniquely designed to suit your needs in completing your DIY home or garage projects like a seasoned pro quickly and efficiently.

The unit features a compressed air storage capacity of 4.6 gallons up to a maximum of 125 PSI and a discharged air CFM of 3.2 at 40 PSI and 2.2 at 90 PSI. The DC040500 is thus perfect for shorter but quick and powerful applications at 110 PSI such as tyre inflations, house sealants, nailing, stapling, etc.

Long-lasting machine parts;

The motor and the oil-free pump of the DC040500 air compressor model are known for their efficiency and durability providing up to four times longer lasting than other air compressors. The unit comes with inbuilt circuit breakers to prevent any further damage to the motor and the pumps when the air compressor exceeds its output limit during operations.

Lightweight design;

The DC040500 weighs only 38 Pounds which makes it 50% lighter than other air compressors. With the aluminium dual-stack tank and an ergonomically designed grip, you can easily carry the DC040500 air compressor from one job site to another.

Low noise level (68 Decibels)

The DC040500 model is very quiet during operation and remains as one of Campbell Hausfeld’s quietest compressor. The unit operates at only 68 Decibels and is 50% more silent as compared to other standard air compressors.

  • Pre-installed dual mufflers to minimize sounds during operation (50 % quieter than regular air compressors at just 68 dBA)
  • Rubber filled pads for a better and safer grip
  • In-built circuit breakers to prevent any damage to the motor
  • Not precisely lightweight (38 Pounds)
  • Low voltage support (120 Volts only). Shorter run time
  • No accessories included on purchase (Tool only)


The BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT air compressor is the best choice for any DIY enthusiast who is looking for a lightweight and an affordable combo toolkit to start some woodworking or remodelling at home or outside. The multiple kits include air tools such as the brad nailer, the finish nailer, and the crown stapler to start woodworking on staircases, cabinets and furniture. With this oil-free air compressor tool, you can bring out the creativity in you while also saving a lot of time.

The Bostitch air compressor features a 6-gallon pancake compressor allowing the three air tools to operate powerfully for an extended time. It powers on a 0.8-hp motor that produces you to 2.6 CFM of air capacity at 150 PSI. The lightweight design (33 Pounds) and reduced sound level (78.5 dBA) makes the BTFP3KIT portable and suitable for use anytime anywhere.

Includes a three tool kit:

The Bostitch BTFP3KIT includes three air tools such as a brad nailer, straight finish nailer, and a crown stapler to handle multiple tasks.

High-efficient motor;

The Bostitch pancake air compressor motor is highly efficient and can quickly start even in severe weather conditions or can be connected using an extension cord.

Oil-free pump;

The oil-free Bostitch BTFP3KIT air compressor pump can operate for a more extended period and fast recovery even without regular maintenance.


The Bostitch BTFP3KIT air compressor is known as one of the most silent air compressors in the market at just 78.5-dBA sound level. You can now have a quiet workplace to work anywhere at your house.

Lightweight design;

The BTFP3KIT is lightweight which makes it easy to carry in and out of your home

  • Highly-efficient motor. Easy start-up
  • Minimal sound level
  • Oil-less pump. Zero-maintenance pump
  • Includes air tools such as a brad nailer, crown stapler, straight finish nailer, air hose, and fasteners
  • Lightweight for easier portability
  • A bit loud for a confined work shed

Final verdict:

We hope our detailed reviews would help you in making the right choice in getting the best air compressor for air tools. Makita MAC240 is a suitable choice if you are looking to complete tough carpentry projects. With this oil-lubricated unit, you can work for a longer duration.

Go for Bostitch BTFP3KIT if you are looking for a cheaper, lighter, reliable and portable air compressor to work on furniture, cabinets or window works at your home that also includes three air tools along with the compressor. Additionally, you can choose the Campbell Hausfeld DC040500 if you are looking for a much quieter air compressor to fix your garage projects like inflating tyres, as well as sealing, nailing or stapling nails at home.

Each of these tool brands is uniquely designed for specific purposes to help you out in your various projects. Several users have bought these high-quality air compressors and are satisfied with their efficiency in completing their professional or DIY home assignments seamlessly