Best air compressor for truck tires

Top 3 best air compressor for truck tires. Which one is in your truck?

Best Air Compressor for truck tires

Owning a reliable air compressor for your truck tires is indispensable. Not only do you need to maintain proper pressure in the tires for improving the fuel efficiency, but it can also help in the handling of your truck.

This article reviews three of the best air compressors for truck tires. These three air compressors make it to our list because of their proven track records over time.

Best three air compressors for truck tires:

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If you don’t have an inclination to do a full reading or are in a rush or simply prefer glossing over this article, just check the key features of the air compressors below to choose the suitable one for you. The key features below form the technical aspects of the air compressor which tells you how powerful and efficient the air compressor is.

1. VIAIR 400P air compressor

Key features:

  • Duty cycle of 33% at 100 PSI.
  • Maximum of 150 PSI.
  • CFM output is 2.3 CFM.
  • Max Amp Draw stands at 30 Amps.
  • Motor voltage of 12 V.
  • Suitable for tire sizes up to 35” in diameter.

2. VIAIR 88P air compressor

Key features:

  • Maximum PSI of 120 with CFM of 1.47.
  • Car battery power source operates at 12 V.
  • Can inflate tire size of up to 33” in diameter.
  • Duty cycle of 45%
  • Max Amps at 20 Amps.
  • Also has an LED work light.

3. Air Armor M240 air compressor

Key features:

  • Maximum working pressure at 120 PSI with 2.11 CFM.
  • Impressive duty cycle at 50% or 100% duty cycle for fifteen minutes.
  • 12 V car battery power source.
  • Can inflate tires up to 35”.
  • An arsenal of accessories not found with any other compressor.

Review of the Best air compressor for truck tires

1. VIAIR 400P

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A favorite amongst the air compressors for truck tires, the VIAIR 400P is a no-nonsense air compressor. It does precisely what it promises. VIAIR as a brand of air compressors is also highly reputable which is why it receives a lot of love from experts and amateurs alike.

Approved by off-road enthusiast

The best part about this VIAIR 400P air compressor is that it has the approval of off-road enthusiasts all over the world. This gives a strong message that the VIAIR 400P is a reliable and durable air compressor for truck tires.

Stainless steel valves

This VIAIR 400P air compressor has stainless steel valves with PTFE piston ring which performs exceedingly well.

Moisture and dust resistance

This VIAIR 400P compressor is also built to resist as much dust and moisture as possible.

Easy pressure monitor

You can also easily monitor the air pressure in the VIAIR 400P by using the inline deflator/inflator hose and gauge.

Quick inflation

With the VIAIR 400P, you can quickly inflate 35” tires under 5 minutes. Overall it can operate continuously for 15 minutes at 150 PSI.

Automatic reset

For protection from thermal overload, the VIAIR 400P air compressor also comes with an automatic reset.

Double battery clamps

You also get double battery clamps with 40 Amp inline fuse holder in the VIAIR 400P.

Vibration reduction

There is also an aluminum sand tray in the VIAIR 400P for isolating and reducing the vibration.

Clean Oil-free operation

The oil-free operation of the VIAIR 400P air compressor leaves it clean and durable.

Highly reliable

The reliability of VIAIR 400Pair compressors is that when you are on the go, you will never have to worry about filling up your tires.

  • The lightweight of the 400P air compressor is a high note.
  • The commercial grade of the 400P compressor renders it highly reliable.
  • An accurate gauge of 100 PSI.
  • Carry bag is of excellent quality.
  • Length of the air hose is 25 feet.
  • Operable at a maximum ambient temperature of 158 degree Fahrenheit and minimum of -40 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The price of the 400P air compressor is a bit on the higher side

2. VIAIR 88P

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The VIAIR 88P is a new and excellent air compressor for truck tires. Arguably the best small portable air compressor in its class, this 88P performs impressively from the word go.

Easy pressure reading

The VIAIR 88P air compressor has a direct drive piston with a broad gauge that makes reading easy.

Less vibration

The vibration of this VIAIR 88P air compressor is relatively less because of the long strokes of the piston and the rubber feet it rests on.

Operates at optimum temperature

The head of the piston comes with a heat sink that considerably reduces the operating temperature of the VIAIR 88P compressor, thereby keeping it cool.

Safe operation

The 20 Amp of the VIAIR 88P operates via the battery and comes with an inline fuse which protects the electrical component of your vehicle.

Easy accessibility

The VIAIR 88P compressor has a 16 feet air hose with a power cord of 10 feet enabling you to reach all the four tires of your truck easily. However, one sore point here is that the pump permanently attaches itself to the power cord and the air hose. This means that it may not be possible to replace them if in case they malfunction.

Excellent duty cycle

The VIAIR 88P’s 45% duty cycle is one of the most impressive features. This allows the compressor to run continuously for 20-25 minutes at 30 PSI with 1.25 CFM which is remarkable for a small compressor.

  • For a small portable compressor, the hose and cables are long enough for convenient usage.
  • The duty cycle of 45% is excellent.
  • The 88P operates quietly.
  • The 88P compressor comes at a low price, and the performance packs a punch.
  • Direct-drive motor with no gear
  • Kit with 3-piece inflation tips
  • 158 degree Fahrenheit is the maximum ambient temperature while -4 degree Fahrenheit is the minimum ambient temperature.
  • Being a small compressor, you can’t expect it to be fast.
  • You have to turn off the compressor for the pressure reading to be accurate.
  • The 88P does not come with a carrying case

3. Air Armor M240

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The M240 air compressor from Air Armor is a superb gear for any situation where you require compressed air. For any overland travel, the M240 sits on top effortlessly. The casing of the M240 air compressor is also extremely tough that it can withstand any sort of handling.

Solid carry case

The Air Armor M240 air compressor has a carrying case that imitates the style of an ammunition carrying can that provides adequate protection to the kit inside. The can comes with a vast amount of accessories like gauges, tire valve tool, repair kits for tires, cores, valve caps, etc.

Powerful 2.11 CFM

The Air Armor M240 air compressor can generate 2.11 CFM though this claim will depend on the battery unit, the compressor’s heat generation, and to some extent the altitude. Nevertheless, for a single 35” tire, it will only take you less than three minutes to fully inflate. The built-in gauge also allows you to get almost accurate tire pressure.

Workhorse motor

The Air Armor M240 12 V motor can inflate to 120 PSI with a restart pressure at a maximum of 90 PSI. There is also an automatic shut-off system if the compressor is over-heated.

Phenomenal duty cycle

The Air Armor M240 has a 100% duty cycle for around fifteen minutes after which it goes back to 50%. Essentially, this means you can operate the compressor for two minutes and then let it cool for another two minutes and allow the cycle to continue.

  • Powder-coated steel case is extra durable.
  • The foot hose measuring 25 feet is extra long and sufficient.
  • Bleed valve helps in preventing any damage to the pump.
  • Easy to operate, portable, and durable casing.
  • Commercial grade fittings on the air hose.
  • 25 feet service hose and 10 feet power cord
  • Direct-drive compressor with oil-free lubrication
  • Built-in pressure gauge with ¼” air fitting for attaching the service hose
  • Overheating tendency under hot weather conditions

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve gone through all the features that you need to know about the three best air compressors for truck tires, we’d expect that you know what you need. However, if you are thinking whether you can inflate tires more than 35 inches with these compressors, then these babies may not be your ideal choice.

A lot of your requirement will depend on the size of the tire. For anything that is up to 35 inches, the VIAIR 400P or the Air Armor M240 can perform efficiently. But if you still want to know which one you should go for, then we’d recommend the VIAIR 400P as the best air compressor for truck tires because of its proven reliability.