air compressor for painting cars
best air compressor for painting cars

Best air compressor for painting cars

Best air compressor for painting cars

Getting the best air compressor for painting cars is not an easy job as it involves going through countless products in the market. It can get stressful and confusing to find the right one for your car paint sprayers. A top class air compressor can deliver natural air pressure and flow to any paint sprayer. With the right air compressor, you can power your air tools and efficiently complete your DIY home or professional projects in no time.

And if you are an ardent DIY home enthusiast or an automotive professional looking for a quality air compressor to paint your cars, this article will assist you in your quest. We have carefully chosen the top three favourites from amongst the many air tool brands in the market for you.

Read through our comprehensive article, the in-depth reviews of each of our top three recommended air compressors and choose the best air compressor for painting cars suitable for your needs. The three air compressors products we suggested below are tested, genuine and are worth trying it out as it serves as a useful addition in your tool kits.

Our top three best air compressor for painting cars:

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1. Fuji 2202 (Budget-friendly)

Key features:

  • Flexible fan pattern control
  • Efficient two-stage spray mode
  • Hose features an air regulator valve

2. Industrial Air ILA1883054 (Editor’s choice)

Key features:

  • Dual cylinder
  • Convertible dual voltage system
  • Oil-lubricated pump
  • Long-lasting Swedish steel valves
  • Induction motor for intense applications

3. Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 (Runners Up)

Key features:

  • Double stage pump for prolonged operation
  • Cast-iron made
  • Oil lubricated mechanism
  • Reduced heat and noise

Detailed reviews of our top three best air compressors for painting cars:

Fuji 2202

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The Fuji 2202 air compressor is an ideal choice for both DIY beginners and professional automotive enthusiasts alike. It is cheaper and perfect for spraying your automobiles or other furniture works, walls, doors, fences, staircases, windows, cabinets, etc. The 1400 watt dual stage spray system delivers a blend of versatility and convenient functions to get that professional finish to your work. The Fuji 2202 spray gun can effectively handle thick coatings with ease.


  • The Fuji 2202 air compressor features a 1.3 mm air cap set that can handle spraying from thin to medium to a thick coating depending upon your needs
  • Stainless steel liquid passageways prevent any damage on the nozzle and the needle which makes Fuji 2202 model perfect for water-based solutions or solvent-based coats.
  • Fuji 2202 air compressor model features a modifiable fan control switch to adjust the pattern and deliver accurate applications reducing any wastes
  • The non-bleeding system gives full and even coverage and smooth finishing touches
  • The spray gun features a gravity cup to help with material refills. However, the Fuji 2202 HVLP spray gun can hold 400cc of paints thereby saves you from the hassles of frequent changes
  • The Fuji 2202 air compressor includes a 5 feet hose that comes with an air regulator valve to check any excess spraying or reverse spraying after releasing the trigger
  • Fuji 2202 has a convertible and efficient two-way 1400 power watts to handle low or high pressure
  • The Fuji 2202 unit has a handy gun holder for more convenient use and smooth operation
  • Automated spray system
  • An adjustable pattern control knob
  • Comfortable gun handle for smooth operation
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Long and flexible hose prevents overspray
  • Quick set up and maintenance-free
  • Washable air filters
  • Lightweight for easier portability (26 Pounds)
  • Reduced sound level during operation
  • Inability to control the amount of overspray owing to the fast delivery
  • Some metal parts are more inclined to corrosion
  • Problem with thicker coats
  • The hose fittings may slacken with time
  • The nozzle may tend to clog up

Industrial Air ILA1883054

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Industrial Air 1883054 air compressor is an ideal choice for you if you are searching for a heavy-duty air compressor that can contain up to 30 gallons and has immense pumping capacity. It has a distinct cylindrical shape that gives the air compressor a unique look and perfect for use in business and commercial purposes. The Industrial Air 1883054 unit is also suitable for use in larger automobiles like busses, trucks and can inflate tires quickly.

The 1883054 oil-lubricated pumps can operate at its highest performance for a longer duration while also preventing any premature wear to the motor. The Industrial Air 1883054, made of durable Swedish steel valves significantly extends the life of the pump.


Oil-lubricated Pump

The Industrial Air 1883054 air compressor uses oil which keeps it running efficiently and protects the pump and the overall parts of the unit. The dual voltage lubrication makes the pump suitable to perform various tough jobs for a more extended time efficiently. The thirty-gallon capacity tank enables the pump to handle a considerable quantity of pressure.

The oil-lubricated mechanism helps in extending the life of the air compressor and prevents it from any premature wear and corrosion. The oil-lubricated Industrial Air 1883054 is also relatively quiet during operations at only 60-70 decibels compared to other oil-less air compressors in the market.

Long-lasting Swedish Steel Valves

The steel valves made from Swedish technology make the Industrial Air 1883054 air compressor highly efficient and durable. The powerful air compressor also provides significant power and durability to the pump extending the tool life.

  • Long-lasting Swedish steel valves
  • Oil-lubricated pump
  • Dual voltage system
  • It is relatively quiet
  • It has a unique cylindrical body for a professional and classy look
  • It is lighter in weight which makes for easier portability
  • The clamp on the hose may be a tad loose.

Campbell Hausfeld HS5180

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The Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 air compressor is an ideal choice for automotive enthusiast or DIYers for use in a private automotive garage or even in commercial setups depending upon your needs. The HS5180 dispenses with a 5 HP motor and can power over 20 air tools for spraying or painting cars, automobile sanding operations, cutting sheet metal, grinding, etc.

The Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 air compressor can efficiently provide a steady supply of air flow, and with its large built design, it can hold sufficient air with every refill.


  • The Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 air compressor has a dual stage pump which is reliable and durable. It can operate up to as long as 12000 hours and can deliver 14 CFM of air at a maximum of 90 PSI.
  • The oil-lubricated pump makes it more effective in providing maximum performance and more extended tool life.
  • Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 air compressor unit also features a metal belt guard for protected and safe operation.
  • The HS5180 features an eighty-gallon tank and can efficiently operate several air tools to handle different home or commercial projects.
  • Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 air compressor has a long-lasting frame with a vertical design for more accessible storage in your shop or house.
  • The appliance is 35 % quieter than other air compressors and generates less heat by 60 %.
  • It comes with a powerful dual-stage pump system
  • Reliable Power source
  • Durable construction and design
  • Oil lubricated pump for greater efficiency and durability
  • It is compatible with a variety of air tools
  • It has a reduced noise level (35% quieter compared to other compressors)
  • It can lower heat generation by 60% as compared to other compressors of the same features
  • It has a vertical design for secure storage
  • It may be a bit loud
  • It is large and weighty

Our final verdict:

Our top pick goes to the Industrial Air 1883054 model. This air compressor tops our list for the best air compressors for painting cars as it has unmatched performance relating to pumping power, and its heavy-duty applications, durable Swedish-made steel valves, making the Industrial Air 1883054 highly competitive in the market.

If you are looking for a much cheaper, automatic spray gun, and maintenance-free for painting your cars or other woodworking purposes at home, Fuji 2202 air compressor is a suitable choice. Still, if you are searching for an air compressor that can power and run variable air tools to handle projects at home or your automotive garage, go for Campbell Hausfeld HS5180.

These three air compressors are the best for painting cars. Each of these three air compressors has distinct features specially built to complete any of your DIY automotive or commercial projects easily and quickly depending on what tasks you want to accomplish.

So, these are our top recommended choice for the best air compressor for painting cars in the market. After an in-depth study and review of the top-rated air compressors for spraying vehicles, we can assuredly guarantee you that these three air compressor brands are tested and verified by several users who are satisfied and have shared their positive reviews online.