how to change air compressor oil

How to change air compressor oil

How to change air compressor oil and F.A.Q

Over the decades, those who acknowledged how crucial having an air compressor is have found a way of integrating the air compressor with their ”used to be” stressful everyday tasks. These tasks might vary in time and function, embodiment within which it exists (household or industrial settings), and the individual using it.

With the versatility and simplicity in task execution air compressors bring to daily activities, the complexity of making mistakes regarding the best oil that fits its functionality can be a problem.

Can I use motor oil in my air compressor?

Motor oil in an air compressor

Motor oils are known for their non-synthetic features and could be used for lubricating mobile parts of an engine. The motor oil is not the best fit for air compressor in all ramification though it contains certain additives that alleviate its longevity when put to use.

Air compressor oil

This oil is very different from the engine or motor oil. It is made especially to be used in the air compressors. It is also is synthetic in nature (i.e it contains no form of detergent). Carbon build up could occur around compressor valves but when lubricated with the air compressor oil, it can prevent such carbon build up in no time.

Different oil for different air compressors

As air compressors differ in usages and purpose, so does their lubricating oils differ. The difference boils down to the types and mechanism involved in building a brand or model of an air compressor. Types of air compressor based on this expository include;

Rotary screw compressor

When applied, synthetic oil provides long service lifespan to the compressor which can be as long as 80,000 hours. The oil deposit like sludge, varnish, etc. Can easily be removed from using the oil in a rotary screw compressor.

Furthermore, synthetic oils have a way of cooling the compressor temperature for proper air discharge.

Reciprocating air compressor

Same mechanisms involved in the rotary screw compressors are applicable also in the reciprocating air when dealing with the best oil that fits perfectly into the system of an air compressor. Synthetic oils limit carbon bubble formation along compressor valve lines and facilitate better performance thereafter.

How to choose air compressor oil?

Consider these factors when you buy air compressor oil

  • Oil viscosity requirements of the compressor:
  • Its ability to shed water and to stop corrosion:
  • High oxidation stability.

How to change air compressor oil?

Changing air compressor oil can be very challenging if not experienced in the process. However, these steps, if adhered to,  would help users in the process of changing air compressor oil and maintaining the oil quality along the line.

Time needed: 1 hour.

This is a step by step guide of: How to change air compressor oil

  1. Drain leftover oils before start

    Drain leftover oils in the compressor: turn on the compressor before draining to get it warm and reduce viscosity.

  2. Fill cap

    Remove the fill cap of the machine and allow air to pass into it

  3. Drain plug

    Remove drain plug from the compressor and carefully drain all the oil in it.

  4. Drainage

    Drain as much as you can and put the drain plug back in its initial position after draining.

  5. Refill

    Pour the oil slowly and steadily into the machine with patience and handling with care.

  6. Fillcap

    Put the fill cap back after filling oil.