Ingersoll Rand T30 Review – UPDATED 2022 – Parts, Manual & More!

Ingersoll Rand T30 Review – UPDATED 2022 – Parts, Manual & More!

Ingersoll Rand is a popular global provider of air tools, air compressors and other products and it has been around for decades. The Ingersoll Rand T30 series of air compressors was introduced in 1929 and it continues to be one of the leaders in heavy-duty applications that demand efficiency, reliability, maintenance and durability.

The IR T30 air compressors are sold worldwide through direct sales and leading fluid power houses and they come with multiple accessories and configuration options. In this post, we take a closer look at this air compressor to help you learn more about it and make the right decision.

Ingersoll Rand T30 Review – UPDATED 2022

Ingersoll Rand offers products designed to cater to the needs of air systems and businesses. Reduced margins and higher energy costs demand higher efficiency and reliability from the entire system including air compressors.

This is where the Ingersoll range of T30 compressors proves useful. The compressor range speaks for itself with a reputation for reliability and durability.


  • 100% continuous operation for tough applications
  • Durable, cast-iron, 2-stage design for extended pump life
  • Automatic start/stop operation
  • Comes with motor starter, manual drain, tank and oil sight glass
  • Maximum pressure of 175 PSI

They are available in the following variants

2-Stage Lubricated

Intended for industrial and heavy-duty use such as machine shops, automotive, manufacturing, construction and other applications, the Rand T30 2-stage lubricated compressors feature cast iron cylinders to deliver the performance and quality these applications demand. The 2-stage lubricated series includes Premium as well as Value packages to allow choosing the configuration that matches requirements. These units come in 11 bar g receiver mounted or 14 bar g base-mounted configuration.

The Value package offers a reliable solution for those who look for a dependable compressed air solution and suits automotive, commercial and light-duty industrial uses.

The Premium package offers higher durability and better performance by combining all the features of the Value package in addition to extra features that deliver lower maintenance, better reliability and superior level of performance. Some of these additional features include low oil level switch, air-cooled aftercooler and auto-condensate drain making this range ideal for heavy-duty and manufacturing applications.


The non-lubricated air compressors from the Ingersoll Rand T30 series are used in industries like chemical, packaging and textile. These compressors have oil-free cylinders and are perfect for applications that require air free of oil. They use rider bands and Teflon rings for cooling.

Vacuum Compressors

The Ingersoll Rand T30 Vacuum compressors serve vacuum applications like processing plants, printing, food packaging and vacuum cleaning.

Ingersoll Rand T30 Air Compressor – What You Should Know?

Ingersoll T30 air cooled compressor does not need its own heavy motor. It can use a single motor to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. This provides a compact, lightweight, easy to handle compressor that lasts long and runs quietly. The non-lubricated 2-stage compressors are high-pressure units that feature base-mounting to provide as high as 345 bar g of pressure. They are suitable for industries like beverage plants, refuelling stations, engine starting and power stations. The 2-stage lubricated series offer consistency with high-pressure durability, reliability and low maintenance.

The Ingersoll T30 oil-less compressors are intended to serve tough oil-free requirements in industries like food processing, medical, electronics and pharmaceuticals. These compressors contain no oil in the system and they achieve cooling using special materials to guarantee perfectly oil-free air suiting the applications. The lower running costs of the compression system repay the initial investment costs of the compressor. There is lower cost involved in the operation, maintenance and supervision and downtime is almost eliminated. These compressors come in base-mounted as well as receiver mounted configurations.

Ingersoll Rand T30 Manual

Ingersoll Rand T30 compressors include installation manual and quick start guide with the package. These comprehensive documents contain the step-by-step process to get started with the units. You can refer to the Ingersoll Rand T30 manual to install the unit correctly and easily.

Here are some of the most important considerations as mentioned in the manual.

  • Ingersoll Rand T30 air compressors are not intended for breathing air uses.
  • It is not recommended to breathe the compressed air directly.
  • Follow label precautions before spraying materials like insecticides and paints.
  • Consider using a respirator while spraying.
  • Do not operate compressors where explosive liquids or vapours are present.
  • Avoid using gasoline driven compressors near open flame.
  • Disconnect the power before servicing.
  • Connect the compressor to a properly grounded circuit by a professional electrician.

Ingersoll Rand T30 Gas Air Compressor Parts

Here are some of the main replacement parts for the Ingersoll Rand T30 Gas Air Compressor.

Air Compressor Tanks – You can choose from a variety of tanks with or without base plates to suit your system requirements.

Electronic Drain Valves – It is a fully-featured electronic drain valve that removes condensate from the compressor without adding to the cost. The valve contains an electric drain, ball valve and manual blowdown valve to prevent debris from clogging the valve.

All Season Select – This lubricant is an all-temperature, synthetic blend designed to prevent carton build-up, increase efficiency and reduce wear. It provides 4-times higher lasting than petroleum based lubricants. They are compatible with the entire range of aluminium piston compressors.

SimplAir Compressed Air Piping – This accessory uses marine-grade material to be able to provide leakage-free compressed air and other gases with a support for vacuum systems. It is an amazing choice for lower maintenance, high performance and reduced costs as compared to competing material systems.