Silent Air Compressor

Who should buy a silent air compressor?

A silent air compressor is a necessity if you are buying it for household activities. Following are some details about the quiet air compressor which will help you understand the use of it. Then you can decide whether you should buy one or not.

What to look for when buying a silent air compressor

Buying an air compressor and that too a silent one is not easy. You will have to look for a lot of things in it, in order to get the best one. So, here we are a few of the points that you should keep in your mind while buying a silent air compressor for yourself.

About DBA measurements and decibels rating

A decibel is basically a unit that is used to describe the sound in machines like the air compressors, dishwashers, etc. It is often measured in DBA ratings. The higher the DBA rating of a machine, the more sound it will make. So, when buying an air compressor you should focus on where you are going to work and what sound level is tolerated.

DBA rating

With the above discussion, it is clear that the DBA rating of the air compressor is very important and when you are going to buy one, you should focus upon that. The DBA rating of a compressor is important as it decides how noisy the compressor. The minimum DB should be 40. If a compressor is having this rate of DBA, then it makes the lowest noise possible. After that comes the 60 dB and 80db air compressors. More the DBA rating is, the more sound air compressor will make.

Tank size

The tank size in any of the air compressor decides the time of the working of the air tools without any interruption and in what time there will be a need of starting the motor again to fill in the air. The range of the tanks for air compressors starts from 1 gallon and goes up to 80.


PSI is actually the unit for measuring the horsepower in an air compressor. The higher the PSI is, the higher is the horsepower. SCFM is the unit to measure the air flow with respect to the air compressor. So, both are very important units and one should make sure to check them out before buying any compressor.

Power source

By the term power source, we mean that what is the means from which the air compressor is getting its power. It could be either the electric charge that most of the compressors do or a battery that the portable compressors have in them. It depends on your choice and convenience that which type of compressor you choose.

Available accessories

Another thing that is very important to look when you are shopping for a silent air compressor is the accessory that you get with the machine. This is a very important component, as the accessories that you get with the air compressor plays a very significant role in setting it up and also in the working of it. Here is a list of a few of the important accessories that you need to see in an air compressor.


The first thing in the list of accessories is the filter. It is again a very necessary thing to have in an air compressor. You can say that the life and working of the engine are majorly dependent upon the filter that you use. It is the reason for the efficient working of the engine. With the passage of time, the filter can get clogged and thus the working of the engine could hamper. Then you need to change it immediately.

Roll cage

A roll cage in any air compressor acts as the protection piece. It helps the air compressor is not getting punctured. Sometimes a company gives you the roll cage inside the box of the air compressor and sometimes it is out of the box. If there is a chance of you buying a roll cage for your air compressor then buying a flattered or wider roll cage is preferred. It is good to buy such a roll cage, as the center of gravity of these roll cages is very low and this makes them very stable on the ground. It is good to install a skid plate below the roll cage to keep the whole compressor away from friction.

Hose and hose reels

Another important thing to buy with an air compressor is the hose. The hose is very important, as this connects the air compressor with the tool and then the air forced by the machine is passed through it. This is of two types, recoil hose, and retractable hose.

Recoil hose is something that comes with tiny circular bends. The bends are present along the whole length of the hose, whereas the retractable hose is straight and could be converted like a vacuum cleaner cord.

Talking about hose heels, then it is that part of the compressor on which the hose is coiled. It is done so to get better storage. So, hose heels are very important for the air compressors.

Tool attachments

Tool attachments are basically the extra parts that you want to add to your air compressor. This is not compulsory, but at a certain point in time, you could add them. Whenever you plan to add an extra part to your air compressor, you should keep one thing in mind. While trying to attach the extra tool to your compressor, you will have to set the pressure of the tool according to the air compressor. A few of the tool attachments are nail gun, blowgun, drill, sander and paint sprayer.

Different models to choose from

  • Rotary screw air compressor

The two of the air compressors that you can choose from, this category are 18-GA Brad Nailer, 6 Gal air compressor and 2.5 Gal, portable electric heavy duty 200 PSI quiet trim compressor.

  • Scroll air compressor

The compressor that is getting all the hype now a day in this category is the Gardner Denver compressors. The S series S4 – S8 and S Series S7d- S15D compressors are recommended, if you want to buy any air compressor from this category.

  • Piston pump air compressor

The two options in this category are AZOD twin piston air pump compressor for car bike and tier and Inglis lady tier inflator air compressor pump (12v) Zv3384.

With the pointers mentioned above, it is clear that if you follow a few of the norms, then you can get the best air compressor. Try to consider all these features when you are going to buy an air compressor.