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The best 2 stage air compressor

Are you on the lookout for the best 2 stage air processor on offer in the market today? If you wish to find the best two-stage air compressor which will suit your needs, this comprehensive guide will help you find one. Having a good two stage processor will ensure that all your needs are handled effortlessly without any hassle.

Two-stage compressors are effectively better than single stage compressors because they have an additional cylinder which compresses air twice. This means that you will be left with a much higher air pressure, which will effectively handle all your equipment with ease.

Therefore to help you get the best 2 stage air processor, we have reviewed three of the best products on offer, and have made a detailed comparison of all the three products. By the end of this guide, you will be able to select the best two-stage air compressor which will suit your needs.

Two Stage Air Compressor Reviews

To help you get a better understanding of the three 2 stage air compressors which we have shortlisted for comparison, we have prepared a detailed review of each product, and they are as follows.

NorthStar 2-Stage Air Compressor Pump:

If you are looking for high quality and feature filled two stages Air Compressor, but on a tighter budget then the NorthStar 2-Stage Air Compressor Pump stands as one of the best offerings. This Air processor comes with outstanding build quality, superior design and the inclusion of numerous technologies which improves its operation, efficiency and performance. This high-quality air processor is manufactured by NorthStar which is known for producing some of the best Air Compressors.

  • The Low Vibration Technology makes the NorthStar 2 stage compressor a very quiet and smooth compressor.
  • The Unique W styled cylinder design ensures cool performance and longevity.
  • The pump is made of cast iron and oil lubricated keeping it cool, highly durable and robust.
  • This two stage air compressor is easy to maintain and user friendly.
  • It has an affordable price, yet offers all standard features.

NorthStar 2-Stage Air Compressor Pump Highlights

The main highlight of the NorthStar 2-Stage Air compressor is its proprietary technology known as Low Vibration Technology. This technology ensures that the pump will operate smoothly, while also offering longevity and robustness. This technology is not seen at other air compressors of the same price, as such adds further value to this air compressor.

The Good

There a lot of things which I liked while reviewing the NorthStar 2-Stage Air Compressor Pump, and the ones which stood out are as follows.

The first thing which I liked about this air compressor is that it comes with their proprietary technology known as Low Vibration Technology. (LVT) This technology ensures that the pump will operate smoothly with minimum vibrations. This technology also makes the pump

highly durable and less prone to wear and tear because it employs bearings on the ends of the pumps which add more support to it. This makes the NorthStar a highly reliable and dependable pump.

Secondly, the W shaped three-cylinder design orientation is one of its best features. The benefit that comes with this design array is that it aids in the efficient elimination of heat thus helping it cool consistently, thus adding more life to the pump. Besides this, the cylinders, crankcase and heads are also made of cast iron adding further robustness to the pump. The valves that are utilised in this pump are made of steel, which further assures smooth performance.

The third thing which I liked about this air compressor is its excellent pricing, which offers excellent value for money. This 2-stroke air compressor comes filled with all features which are found in more expensive air compressors.

The fourth thing which I liked about this air compressor pump is that it offers excellent serviceability. Majority of the parts of this air compressor are designed to be easily replaceable, and they include the wrist pin and crank journals, the two-piece connecting rod, and also the inclusion of a sight glass which allows for the viewing the oil levels and replacing it quickly.


The NorthStar 2-stage air compressor is no doubt an excellent choice; however, it is not without its shortcomings, and these are a few of the things which I disliked about it.

First, the NorthStar 2-stage air compressor comes with an output of 14.9 CFM at 90 PSI which may feel a little underpowered compared to other air compressors at the same price.

Secondly, this 2-stage air compressor has a shipping weight of 83 lbs which is on the heavier side and thus can affect the portability.

  • Low Vibration Technology ensures smooth and stable performance
  • Unique W shaped cylinders keeps the compressor cool, increasing longevity
  • Highly serviceable and user friendly
  • Superb value for money
  • Underpowered compared to its rivals
  • More on the heavier side

Campbell Hausfeld Two-Stage Air Compressor

If you are someone willing to spend a good amount of money for a two-stage Air compressor, then the Campbell Hausfeld Two-Stage Air compressor is one of the best offering available. This air compressor is very powerful and can easily handle all your compressed air needs. Though it is more on the expensive side, however, if you are looking for high-quality heavy duty two stage air compressor than this is the one to get.

  • Comes with a powerful industrial grade three phase NEMA motor making it a very potent compressor.
  • Carries a powerful output of 25 CFM at 90 PSI and can reach up to 175 PSI.
  • This two stage pump is made entirely of cast iron which guarantees over 15,000 hours of operation
  • It comes with a starter for the motor, allowing for quick Start Up.
  • Has a large 80 gallon air tank which is not seen in its competitors.
  • Has a class leading 3 year limited warranty.

Campbell Hausfeld Two-Stage Air Compressor Highlights

The Highlight of the Campbell Hausfeld Two-stage air compressor is its powerful NEMA motor which powers it. This motor produces 5 HP allowing it to output 25 CFM at a maximum output of 175 PSI, which ensures that you will be able to power multiple types of equipment even at one go. Though it may be expensive than most two stage air compressors, the output it puts out more than justifies its price.

The Good

First, the power that this air compressor puts is super impressive. This is because it employs a 230 volts NEMA motor which has 5 HP, enabling it to output 25 CFM at 175 PSI. This enables it to power almost all air powered equipment, and it can also power two types of equipment simultaneously.

Secondly, the pump that comes with this compressor is a cast iron oil lubricated meaning that it will be able to offer high performance and durability, while at the same time keeping the pump cool. An oil operated pump will also have less wear and tear, allowing it to last longer.

Thirdly, the compressor comes with an air storage tanks which stands at 80 gallons. A bigger tank means that you will be able to store a large amount of air. This allows users to operate multiple air powered equipment in one go. A larger tank also means that the pump will require lesser start and stops.

Fourthly, the design of this tank takes up less space compared to other tanks with the same tank capacity. This is because this tank employs a vertical design making it compact thus occupying less floor space.

Another great thing about this Campbell Hausfeld two-stage air compressor is that it comes with a limited three years warranty, which is unheard of in other air compressors.


There are a few things which I disliked about the Campbell Hausfeld two-stage air compressor, and they are mentioned below.

The first thing which I disliked about this two-stage compressor is its price. The Campbell Hausfeld is priced at $2349.99 which is a bit on the higher side, besides there are other more affordable products however offer the same features.

The second is that the Campbell Hausfeld two stage air compressor weighs in at more than 500 pounds, making it heavy and hard to move around. As such, this compressor is not portable like some of its competitors.

  • Powerful industrial grade NEMA motor offers great performance and output
  • The Cast iron oil lubricated pump keep the compressor cool while ensuring durability
  • The large 80 gallon air tank makes it a very capable compressor
  • The Vertically oriented air tank uses less space compared to its competitors
  • The 3 year warranty is an added bonus.
  • It is more on the expensive side, and this might be a turn off for many
  • The compressor has a weight of more than 500 pounds which is on the heavier side

Industrial Air IV5076055 Two-Stage Air Compressor

If you happen to be looking for a mid-ranged air compressor, which is neither entry-level or on the premium side, then the Industrial Air IV5076055 Two-Stage Air compressor is a great option. This mid-range offering comes with all the essential features which are required in a two-stage Air compressor and will easily satisfy your compressed air needs

  • The motor comes with Thermal Overload Protection, which keeps the compressor safe from electrical risks.
  • The Pumps, Pistons, Cooling fins and Flywheel all carry patented design offering improvements in all fronts.
  • The Metal Belt Guard carries a unique design which improves pump cooling.
  • Features a large 60 gallon air tank making it more practical.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.

Industrial Air IV5076055 Two-Stage Air Compressor Highlight

The Industrial Air IV5076055 two stage air compressor may be a mid-range compressor; however, it carries with it all the features that are seen in more expensive compressors. The highlight of this air compressor is that it comes with Thermal Overload Protection and this protects the motor from risks of any failure due to electrical fluctuations. This makes it a great mid-range compressor which comes with little compromises.

The Good

First, the electric motor of this 2 stage compressor comes with Thermal Overload Protection. This feature thus keeps the compressor’s electric motor safe from electrical fluctuations, surges in electricity and other electrical risks. The electric motor also does not require a magnetic starter to operate.

Secondly, though being a mid-range air compressor, it comes with a lot of patented designs. This includes its pump, piston, cooling fins and flywheel. All these patented components keep the compressor cool, long-lasting while at the same time increases performance and efficiency.

Thirdly, the tank capacity of this two-stage air compressor stands at 60 gallons, making it perfectly adequate for operating up to two types of equipment. Besides this, the tank also comes with pressure gauges to monitor the pressure.

Fourthly, this air compressor comes filled with a lot of features which are seen only in high-end compressors. As such it offers superb value for money.


Firstly, this two-stage air compressor feels a bit underpowered compared to its competitors. It has an output of 13.5 CFM at 175 PSI which is a bit on the lower end as such the performance is on the weaker side.

Secondly, since this is a 60 gallon two stage air compressor, it comes with a big footprint and thus weighs in at more than 400 pounds. As such the portability of this compressor is limited.

  • Electric motor with Thermal overload protection protects and keeps it from any electrical damage
  • Patented Piston, Pump, Cooling Fins and Iron Flywheel design improves the performance, cooling and efficiency of the air compressor
  • The 60 gallon air tank makes it a very capable compressor and it can handle multiple equipments.
  • The performance of this motor is on the lower end and it may feel underpowered.
  • The air compressor is on the heavier side of things thus affecting its portability.

Buying Guide for 2 stage air compressor

The market is filled with a lot of two-stage air compressors, and all of them promise to offer outstanding features not seen in its competitors. However, not all of them live up to the promise and fall short. As such while looking to purchase a two-stage air compressor, there are a few things to look out for and consider before making a purchase. This guide will help you to find the best two-stage air compressor which will satisfy your needs.

1. The Power: The first and foremost thing to consider when buying a two stroke air compressor is its power. The more power an air compressor has, the better its performance will be. When we look at two stroke air compressors, there are two factors which decide its power and they are Horsepower (HP) and Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). The Horsepower dictates the output and the overall power an air compressor will have, and as such the more the horsepower, the higher the pressure a compressor can generate whereas the Cubic Feet per minute (CFM) indicates the air volume capacity of the air compressor. As such if you wish to power multiple types of equipment, then an air compressor with a higher HP and CFM should be selected.

2. The Storage Capacity: All two-stroke air compressors comes with air tanks of varying capacities for storing air to power various equipment. The capacity of Air compressors are measured in gallons, and they range anywhere from 60 gallons to 200 gallons. Therefore, a larger tank will be able to supply air to multiple types of equipment without needing many start-ups, while smaller tanks can supply power to only a limited number of equipment. Most modern air compressors come attached with a self-regulator which can regulate the pressure of the air based upon the tools that are being utilised.

3. The Power Supply: Coming to the power supply, two-stroke air compressors are generally of two types, i.e. Electrical, and Gasoline powered Air compressors. Most of the air compressors are generally electrical powered ones. Electrical compressors are easier to maintain than gasoline ones, are quieter to operate, and can work in almost any environments which have a power supply. The voltage required to run electrical air compressors varies, however they mostly start at 120 volts. Gasoline air compressors, on the other hand, are better suited for outdoor environments and places with unreliable electricity. A few advantages of gasoline air compressors is that they are more portable and also produce more HP and CFM than electric air compressors.

4. The Style: Coming to its style, the design of air compressors are generally of two types, i.e. Horizontal and Vertical Orientation. The type is decided by the placement of the air tank which may be horizontal or vertical respectively. The style which you will purchase depends on your own needs, and therefore if you have limited space to store your compressor than go for a vertical one, however, if you have more space to play with then purchase a horizontal one. One thing to keep in mind is that the style doesn’t affect the performance of the compressors.

FAQ’s on 2 stage Air Compressors

How frequently should the oil be changed?

Just like with a car engine, the oil in an air compressor needs to be changed on a routine basis. The duration after which the oil should be changed varies, however usually the oil should be changed after 7000 to 8000 hours of use, or after every three months.

When should the air filter be cleaned/replaced?

Most air compressors come with an air filter for filtering any debris or impurities that may make its way to the air tank. It is suggested to clean the air filter every week or as frequently based on the environment. Coming to replacing the filter, it should be done when the filter becomes hard, develops holes or tears in it.

Is it safe to run an air compressor on a generator?

It is technically possible to power a two stroke air compressor using a generator; however, it is not recommended. This is because generators generally do not provide a stable current supply and they tend to have fluctuations. As such, operating an air compressor with fluctuating current may harm the components over time.

Should I go for an electric or gasoline two-stroke air compressor?

This depends on where you plan on using the air compressor. If you plan on using your compressor at home or a place with consistent power supply, an electric air compressor is the better buy. However, if you plan on using your compressor in a place with no power than a gasoline one is the better option.


All the above two stroke air compressors are great products and will be able to satisfy your compressed air needs. However, the one product that stands out from the rest is the NorthStar 2-Stage Air Compressor Pump. This air compressor comes with all the bells and whistles required from a good two stroke air compressor. However, its best feature is its affordable pricing which makes it very appealing from the other two.

If you happen to have a higher budget and happen to be searching for an air compressor with little to no compromises, then the Campbell Hausfeld Two-Stage Air Compressor is the one to get.

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